A geometric analysis of semi-spiral chip morphology in orthogonal machining

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Continuous, unbroken chips used to be a significant manufacturing problem, creating a hazardous situation for the operator and endangering the machine tool. This problem, however, is now largely solved. At this point, further work is needed to optimize well-broken chips. Once chip initial curl and spiral characteristics can be predicted, they can be optimized as part of the overall cutting process design. This may decrease the need for cutting fluids to flush the chips from the cutting region, thereby facilitating a more environmentally conscious process design. Analytic and experimental work is performed to investigate chip spiral morphology and develop a predictive orthogonal chip model. The analytic semi-spiral chip prediction model of Cook et al., (1) is extended to the constricted envelope case. Numerically developed chips are created to investigate the effects of generalized obstruction geometry. The process inputs that have statistically significant effects on chip morphology are determined to confirm the model.

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Machining Science and Technology