Design and physical properties of multifunctional structural composites reinforced with nanoparticles for aeronautical applications

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© 2016, © 2016 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group. The multifunctional structural composites (MSCs) are used in engineering applications mainly in the aeronautical area because they meet the necessary requirements in new multifunctional systems. These composites exhibit good overall mechanical and thermal performance and potentially offer a large variety of functional properties. The present paper discusses the design, manufacturing and characterisation of these multifunctional structural composites. Generally, a combination of structural and energetic functions is achieved using different nanoparticle reinforcements in epoxy–rubber composites This type of material design gives an exigent task to the designers looking to integrate more functionality into the base material of their structure to achieve overall improved system performance. This paper is focused on the design of MSCs reinforced with Ni + Al mixture with Fe 3 0 4 nanopowders in different ratios in a matrix of epoxy–fresh scrap rubber. We expect this material would be attractive for industrial applications because of the readily available recycled materials that are utilised. The mechanical and some physical properties of these composite systems were studied in this research. Microstructural characterisation revealed that micro- and nano-sized reinforcements were dispersed homogeneously in the epoxy–rubber matrix. Magnetic properties and surface wear resistance have been evaluated in detail as a function of the microstructure obtained for different compositions.

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Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies