Combining technical competence and stakeholder impact in environmental education: The gambia all schools nursery competition

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Under the guidance of the Department of Forestry, the Regional Education Directorate, and Peace Corps/The Gambia, the Gambia All Schools Tree Nursery Competition, an environmental education program, was developed to introduce practical environmental education in The Gambia. Data for this report were collected using a rapid appraisal approach. Specific, predetermined information on each nursery including its management and community support were collected using a mixed team of researchers. Data were verified for consistency with other sources. The technical elements of nursery management (water supply, fencing, daily care, pest protection) are significant for positive outcomes of a nursery. However, the extent to which they work or the motivation behind them are heavily reliant on stakeholder support. Successful schools in the competition combined technical and stakeholder components. © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

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Applied Environmental Education and Communication