Lattice defects in neutron irradiated αCu solid solution alloys

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The lattice defects in neutron irradiated αCu-Al, αCu-Ga and αCu-Ge solid solution alloys have been observed by transmission electron microscopy and the defect structures are compared with neutron irradiated copper. Alloys with 0.5 at. % of either aluminium, gallium or germanium show both large resolvable dislocation loops and small ‘black spots’; the same defects are seen in irradiated copper. Alloys ≥ 5 at. % solute show only the small ‘black spots’. The effect of these higher solute alloys in suppressing the formation of the large resolvable loops has also been observed after alpha particle irradiation. Since the large loops are believed to be interstitial in nature, the results are explained on the basis of interstitial-solute atom binding. © 1966 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

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Philosophical Magazine