Performance Prediction of the Dowel Bar Retrofit Technique Using Statistical Modelling

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Dowel Bar Retrofitting (DBR) is a pavement rehabilitation technique commonly adopted to increase the service life of pavements in the United States. This method involves either preventative or corrective maintenance of structural cracks or joints in jointed concrete pavement structures. The performance of DBR installations is typically measured using the Load Transfer Efficiency (LTE) parameter based on deflections. In this study, DBR was modeled using finite element analysis considering geometric, material, and support parameters. Statistical analyses were used to develop equations to predict performance of DBR in terms of stress transfer across joints or cracks. The use of stress-based load transfer provides engineers a more direct ability to determine what effect the load transfer mechanism has on reducing bending stress in the slab. This allows for proper retrofit strategies to be adopted thereby reducing fatigue mechanisms and extending the service life of rigid pavement systems. © 2010 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Road Materials and Pavement Design