Differential piston phase variance in non-Kolmogorov atmospheres

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Department of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences; Center for Data Sciences


We derive a generalized expression for the differential piston phase variance in non-Kolmogorov turbulence. Specifically, our result applies in the case where index of refraction is described by a power-law medium with an exponent between 0 and 1. Kolmogorov assumptions of homogeneity and isotropy are maintained. After some development, our expression is derived using the Mellin-transform techniques and may be generalized to other forms for the three-dimensional index of refraction turbulence power spectrum. This analytical result has two regions of convergence. The separation between these regions is defined by a characteristic time given as the ratio of the mean wind speed and aperture size. By evaluating this expression, we find the differential piston phase variance exhibits a power-law behavior roughly proportional to that of the medium. In addition, we find that piston phase variance decreases with increase in aperture size. We also find that the differential piston phase variance is independent of aperture size as the power law approaches unity.

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