1.5 Degrees of separation: Computer science education in the age of the anthropocene

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Department of Computer Science


Climate change is the defining environmental challenge now facing our planet. Babies born today will be 22 when global warming reaches 1.5 C, according to the latest IPCC report and forecasts. What will life be like in 2040? How do we as educators respond today, to the challenges that lie ahead for the next generation?

How do our practices evolve to take global climate change into account? How do we as educators respond when we see the impact our products have on climate change and the environment? Is it enough to relegate sustainability and climate change to a required course or can we begin to imagine sustainability as a conversation across the entire curriculum?

In this working group, we will collaboratively review the literature, and gather, assemble and compile sample syllabi, case studies, and assignments that address climate change in the context of computer science education. We will work together to think through how best to equip our students with the tools needed to adapt to a world shaped by climate change.

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