Formal reliability analyses of power line communication network-based control in smart grid

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Communication network is one of the primary elements of the Smart Grid for sending and receiving the bi-directional flows of important information such as load flow, faults, etc., in a reliable and efficient way. In this regard, G3-Power Line Communication (PLC) network is the most ideal preference over wireless or wired communication technology due to low cost, high throughput and better reliability for the distribution network of Smart Grid. This fact motivated us to study and analyze in detail the accuracy and reliability of the flow of information of the PLC network in terms of probabilities especially for Fault Detection, Isolation and Supply Restoration (FDIR) behavior in the distribution system of Smart Grid through formal analyses. In order to perform the analyses, first we develop the Markovian model of the FDIR behavior with (G3-PLC) in distribution network of Smart Grid of the practical intelligent distribution network system case study, and then formally verify the model via probabilistic model checker (PRISM) tool in order to analyze the system accuracy, efficiency and reliability by developing the logical properties and finding the success/failure probabilities for FDIR mechanism at the occurrence of fault. Finally, some important discussions are made comparing FDIR connected with Ethernet communication network against FDIR connected with PLC network.

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International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems