Ionic liquid ferrofluid interface deformation and spray onset under electric and magnetic stresses

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An experimental and computational study is presented on the interfacial dynamics of a colloidal fluid having both high electric conductivity and high magnetic permeability in the presence of simultaneous electric and magnetic stresses on the fluid/air interface. A transient computational model is developed that simultaneously solves the Navier-Stokes equation and Maxwells' static equations to predict the transient geometry of the fluid subject to electric and magnetic stresses. This model is first applied to predict the onset of spray emission from a capillary needle electrospray source subjected to a magnetic field. The experimentally determined onset of emissions at each magnetic field agreed well with those predicted by the simulation tool. The predictive modeling tool was then applied to analyze the interfacial profile of a sessile droplet subjected to both electric and magnetic fields. The model captured the geometric evolution of the droplet for voltages up to approximately 85% of the critical onset voltage; near the onset, the model slightly overpredicted the droplet deformation. Using the interfacial stress obtained from the modeling tool, a quantitative discussion is made regarding the roles and magnitudes of the electric and magnetic stress components on the lead-up to the emission instability.

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Physics of Fluids