Energetics and electronic properties of Pt wires of different topologies on monolayer MoSe < inf> 2

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© 2016 Author(s). The energetics and electronic properties of different topology of Pt wires including linear, zigzag and ladder structures on MoSe2 monolayer have been investigated in the framework of density functional theory (DFT). The predicted order of stability of Pt wire on MoSe2 monolayer is found to be: linear > ladder > zigzag. Pt wires induce states near the Fermi level of MoSe2 that results into metallic characteristics of Pt-wire/MoSe2 assembled system. Valence band charge density signifies most of the contribution from Pt atoms near the Fermi energy of assembled wire/MoSe2 system. These findings are expected to be important for the fabrication of devices based on MoSe2 layers for flexible nanoelectronics.

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AIP Conference Proceedings