An SSHI rectifier for triboelectric energy harvesting

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics; Department of Biomedical Engineering


In this paper, an SSHI based rectifier for triboelectric energy harvesting is reported at the first time. In recent few years, triboelectric energy harvesters (TEHs), also called triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs) are emerging and extensively studied, which provide promising solutions for converting mechanical energy to electricity as power resources for electronics. To practically power electronics from TENGs, power management module with high energy efficiency is also essential. The existing power management circuits for triboelectric energy harvesting are mainly focused on increasing dc-dc power efficiency. In this paper, we report an SSHI rectifying strategy associated with TEH design and provide a new perspective on designing TEHs/TENGs by considering their capacitance concurrently. A new theoretical model is developed for electricity generation from triboelectric energy harvesting considering the introduced pairing capacitance and the impact force in practical condition. We also demonstrate that ultra-low-cost, easy-fabricated TEHs can also generate a reasonable amount of power. The experimental results show that the proposed SSHI rectifier increases the harvested power by 242.83% when compared to that with a full-wave bridge rectifier for a newly designed low-cost TEH. The proposed SSHI interface provides a promising strategy of rectifier design to enhance ac-dc energy efficiency for triboelectric energy harvesting.

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IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics