Modeling and validation of a three-stage solidification model for sprays

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A three-stage freezing model and its validation are presented. In the first stage, the cooling of the droplet down to the freezing temperature is described as a convective heat transfer process in turbulent flow. In the second stage, when the droplet has reached the freezing temperature, the solidification process is initiated via nucleation and crystal growth. The latent heat release is related to the amount of heat convected away from the droplet and the rate of solidification is expressed with a freezing progress variable. After completion of the solidification process, in stage three, the cooling of the solidified droplet (particle) is described again by a convective heat transfer process until the particle approaches the temperature of the gaseous environment. The model has been validated by experimental data of a single cocoa butter droplet suspended in air. The subsequent spray validations have been performed with data obtained from a cocoa butter melt in an experimental spray tower using the open-source computational fluid dynamics code KIVA-3. © 2010 American Institute of Physics.

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AIP Conference Proceedings