Elastic constants of niobium-zirconium, hafnium, and tungsten alloys

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The adiabatic single-crystalline elastic constants of pure niobium, Nb-Zr, Nb-Hf, and Nb-W alloys were determined in the temperature range 77-298 °K. An unusual temperature dependence was noted in the Nb-rich alloys which may be related to the shape of the Fermi surface. Zr and Hf alloying additions decrease the value of C′, which indicates decreasing bcc lattice stability. The values of the elastic anisotropy ratio C44/C′ follow the behavior predicted by Fisher, which indicates that the elastic shear moduli are closely related to the filling of the d band. The Debye temperatures cursive-theta signD were calculated, and W additions tend to increase cursive-theta signD, while Zr and Hf lower cursive-theta sign D.

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Journal of Applied Physics