The Alzheimer Β-amyloid (AΒ < inf> 1-39 ) dimer in an implicit solvent

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Oligomers of AΒ peptides are suspected as the underlying cause of Alzheimer disease. Knowledge of their structural properties could therefore lead to a deeper understanding of the mechanism behind the outbreak of this disease. As a step in this direction we have studied AΒ dimers by all-atom molecular dynamics simulations. Equilibrated structures at 300 K were clustered into different families with similar structural features. The dominant cluster has parallel N-terminals and a well defined segment Leu17-Ala21 that are stabilized by salt bridges between Lys28 of one chain and either Glu22 or Asp23 of the other chain. The formation of these salt bridges may be the limiting step in oligomerization and fibrillogenesis. © 2008 American Institute of Physics.

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Journal of Chemical Physics