Normal modes and birefringent magnetophotonic crystals

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A theoretical model for single-defect one-dimensional magnetic photonic crystals with combined linear and circular birefringences is presented. The model elucidates the polarization response of waveguide magnetophotonic crystals and predicts a spectrally asymmetric transmittance detuning from the Bragg frequency. The key components of the model are (a) the presence of two orthogonal elliptically polarized normal modes propagating at different speeds and (b) resonant transmission of these modes through the photonic crystal. Analytical expressions for the normal mode vector field amplitudes and their transmittance through the photonic crystal are obtained. The model predicts a significant nonreciprocal rotation in the presence of linear birefringence levels that would normally suppress the Faraday rotation in ordinary optical channels. Agreement is found with transfer matrix simulation predictions. © 2006 American Institute of Physics.

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Journal of Applied Physics