Creep of intrinsic and gallium-doped germanium

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The strain-time characteristics of germanium crystals bent by a constant four point load were studied at temperatures between 450°and 550°C. Bar specimens oriented for single slip were prepared from intrinsic crystals and from p-type crystals heavily doped with gallium; dislocation densities of all specimens before bending were < 400 cm-2. The heavy gallium doping prolongs the duration of the initial region of the strain-time curve, which is characterized by an increasing strain rate, and retards the stationary strain rate of the second region. The temperature dependence of the stationary strain rate is described by an activation energy of 1.65 eV for the intrinsic and 1.75 eV for the p-type material. Both the temperature dependence of the creep parameters and the retarding effects of gallium doping reflect the characteristics of dislocation velocities in these crystals. © 1966 The American Institute of Physics.

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Journal of Applied Physics