A Mössbauer investigation of mechanically induced magnetic anistropy in natural hematite

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The magnetic structure of hematite is affected by the mechanical processes of cutting and lapping thin slices or plates of natural single crystals for Mössbauer absorption measurements. The effect, as observed in plates perpendicular to the basal plane, is to produce an anisotropic Fe3+ spin distribution in which the total spin component in the plane of the plate is less than that normal to the plate. The anisotropy is removed by annealing. Magnetic fields of 10 kOe produce no remanent changes in the spin distribution either before or after annealing. This implies, and measurements confirm, the existence of an accompanying directional dependence in the remanent magnetization. The effect is attributed to deformation twinning which results from stresses imposed during sample preparation. © 1972 The American Institute of Physics.

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Journal of Applied Physics