Multichannel data transmission system for rotating elements using a noncontacting slip ring

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The collection or acquisition of dynamic data from elements that are rotating (e.g., gearing system, axle, engine propeller, and machine tool spindle) is a significant challenge in many engineering applications. Both contacting and remote telemetry-based methods have been employed to provide a data bridge between the rotating and stationary reference frames, however these methods suffer from several difficulties. A new method for the transmission of signals from the transducers on a rotating element is presented. Infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs) are placed on the circumference of the shaft or the end of it. Externally mounted photodiodes receive a frequency modulated light from the LEDs. Signal multiplexing enables multiple-channel signal transmission to be realized. The properties of the instrument are as follows: dynamic maximum frequency of 50 kHz, static sine distortion degree less than 1%, dynamic channel isolation of -40 dB, dynamic linear error less than 1%, and static/dynamic gains of 50-200. The proposed method has been validated through experiments performed on a prototype optical signal transmission system. Experimental results show excellent agreement with theoretical calculations. © 2000 American Institute of Physics.

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Review of Scientific Instruments