Stress tuning in crystal ion slicing to form single-crystal potassium tantalate films

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We report on the implementation of crystal ion slicing in potassium tantalate (KTaO3). Deep-ion implantation is used to create a buried sacrificial layer in (001) single-crystal wafers of KTaO3. 10-μm-thick single-crystal films have been fabricated by adjusting the stress level in the implantation damage layer to induce room-temperature etchless exfoliation. Crack propagation is found to depend critically on implantation dose, with a threshold dose for exfoliation near 1 × 1016 cm-2. A significant implantation-induced etch selectivity between the sacrificial layer and the rest of the sample is also found. Capacitance measurements show that the films exhibit a bulk-like dielectric constant and loss tangents below 0.01 at low temperatures. © 2000 American Institute of Physics.

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Applied Physics Letters