Probabilistic settlement analysis of shallow foundations on heterogeneous soil stratum with anisotropic correlation structure

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© ASCE 2015. This study investigates the effect of considering anisotropy in correlation structure of random fields on the settlement of shallow foundations. For this purpose, soil Young's modulus, E, is considered as a random field with an anisotropic correlation structure and stochastic finite difference modelling is conducted with the aid of the FISH programming feature in FLAC 2D. The Monte Carlo simulation technique is then applied to 16 cases of single footing cases, where 1000 realizations are performed on each. For the cases evaluated, it is found that the calculated total settlement results represent a normal distribution. Probabilistic analyses results also indicate that in calculating total settlement and the corresponding mean values, the vertical correlation length is more effective than the horizontal correlation length. Increasing the vertical correlation length and coefficient of variation both increase the calculated settlement. However, changing the horizontal correlation length has a negligible impact on the computed settlement results.

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Geotechnical Special Publication