Evaluation of foam-based warm mix asphalt modified with nano-sized hydrated lime using multiple creep and recovery tests

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© 2014 American Society of Civil Engineers. One of the objectives of this paper is to evaluate the effectiveness of Nano-sized Hydrated Lime (NHL) modification on the creep and recovery behavior of foam-based Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) produced using Advera®. Also, the study investigates the creep and recovery behavior at multiple testing conditions. NHL with a particle size of 50-nm and Regular Hydrated Lime (RHL) were added to the asphalt binder at the ratios of 5% and 20%, respectively. The creep and recovery behavior was investigated based on: 1) the Multiple Stress Creep and Recovery (MSCR) test, and 2) ten cycles creep and recovery proposed tests performed at different conditions: 3Pa (creep for 100 sec. and 600 sec. recovery), 10Pa (creep for 20 sec. and 600 sec. recovery), and 50Pa (creep for 1 sec and 300 sec. recovery). Advera® foaming slightly increased the non-recoverable compliance (Jnr) of the original binder. Adding NHL in smaller amounts can produce asphalt materials with improved creep and recovery behavior in comparison to RHL. Comparing the MSCR test and proposed creep and recovery methodology, the Jnr seemed dependent on the creep and recovery times.

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T and DI Congress 2014: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - Proceedings of the 2nd Transportation and Development Institute Congress