Optimum test section on simulation test of asphalt mixtures

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Conference Proceeding

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To expose the internal mechanics response and the optimum test section of asphalt mixtures specimen under planar simulation test, the asphalt mixtures specimens are fabricated by two laboratory compaction methods (hammer and static compaction) in China, and moreover, heterogeneous numerical models along the height direction of the specimens are established based on X-ray computed technique, digital image processing technique and finite element method, simulation splitting test and simulation creep test are performed to analyze the internal stress behaviors of heterogeneous model and study the location of the optimum test section according to laboratory test. The results show the creep deformation curves of simulation creep test for different sections are almost uniform, the difference of creep deformation is lesser, and that has better consistency than laboratory creep test result. The internal stress distribution trend of different test sections is identical on analysis path, but there are considerable distinctions for the position of peak value and the maximum stress. Therefore, the sections along the height direction of the asphalt mixtures specimens can be chosen arbitrarily to be the optimum test section for simulation creep test, but the optimum section, for simulation splitting test, can't be selected. © 2013 American Society of Civil Engineers.

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ICTE 2013 - Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Transportation Engineering