A simple approach to estimating dynamic moduli from resilient moduli for the mechanistic empirical design of asphalt pavements

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Recently, researchers are putting in effort to convert the resilient moduli (MR) data to the dynamic moduli (|E*|). Most attempts developed so far lack a specific approach between both tests. This study presents a new and effective approach to calculate the |E*| from the MR and focuses on assessing the implementation of this approach in the M-E PDG procedure. This study revealed that this approach is capable of calculating the |E*| from the MR at different frequencies and low temperatures. To study the applicability of approach results in the M-E PDG, multiple design trial runs of nine mixtures were conducted using the M-E Design Guide software version 1.1. From the M-E PDG results it was concluded that the developed approach generates a reasonable |E*| estimates adequate for use in the M-E PDG procedures. © 2013 American Society of Civil Engineers.

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Airfield and Highway Pavement 2013: Sustainable and Efficient Pavements - Proceedings of the 2013 Airfield and Highway Pavement Conference