Effect of hydrated lime application method on mechanical and fatigue properties of hma

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Hydrated lime (HL) has been added to hot mix asphalt pavements over the years, improving the asphalt concrete mixtures in many ways. Although it has been shown repeatedly that the use of HL in asphalt concrete mixtures is beneficial, confusion still exists about the appropriate method of adding HL to the mixtures to achieve the optimum modification of HL. The HL application Method can be introduced to the asphalt mixture by either adding dry HL to dry or wet aggregates or adding lime slurry to dry aggregates. This study aims to evaluate the mechanical and fatigue properties of asphalt mixtures using different application Methods. Mechanistic and simulative tests namely, indirect tensile strength test, resilient modulus test, and controlled stress fatigue test were conducted throughout the entire research. The overall results revealed that, general enhancement of the mechanical and fatigue properties with the addition of HL regardless the method of adding HL to the mixtures. Mechanical test results, unlike fatigue test results, were sensitive to the method of adding HL to the mixtures. Mixtures modified with HL added in the form of slurry showed best results as compared to mixtures modified with HL using dry and wet methods. © 2012 American Society of Civil Engineering.

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CICTP 2012: Multimodal Transportation Systems - Convenient, Safe, Cost-Effective, Efficient - Proceedings of the 12th COTA International Conference of Transportation Professionals