Evaluation of recycled asphalt shingles in hot mix asphalt

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The objective of this study was to evaluate the performance of asphalt mixtures containing different dosages of recycled asphalt shingles (RAS) using the dynamic modulus (|E*|) test with a universal testing machine and rutting test with the asphalt pavement analyzer (APA). In this study, 5% and 10% RAS were used in the Superpave mixtures. A mixture without RAS was used as the control mixture. All the mixture samples were compacted at 86 gyrations under different temperatures. The 10% RAS had the highest air void level and the control mixture had the lowest air void level. The dynamic modulus and rutting tests were conducted to evaluate the performance of the mixtures with RAS. The results show that the |E*| for RAS mixtures were higher as compared to the control mixture when tested at high temperature (i.e. 39.2°C). Additionally, the added RAS decreased the rut depth significantly after 8000 cycles using the APA. © 2011 ASCE.

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T and DI Congress 2011: Integrated Transportation and Development for a Better Tomorrow - Proceedings of the 1st Congress of the Transportation and Development Institute of ASCE