Can climate change affect sediment transport in a watershed?

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The hydrologic cycle is very sensitive to climatologic factors. Therefore there is concern related to the effects a changing global climate will have on water resources. Many recent studies have been undertaken to address the potential effects of climate change on water resources; however little research has been undertaken to specifically address the effects on sediment transport. Global climate change is projected to have differing effects on regional climatologic factors. Studies have indicated the likelihood of an increase in the frequency of heavy precipitation events in Michigan. This possibility is of concern due to the sometimes adverse consequences of such extreme events. One of the many factors that would be affected by an increase in the frequency of such events is the quantity of sediment transport in regional rivers. The effects of climate change are expected to manifest themselves differently in different regions. This is due to the complex climatologic interactions that contribute to each regional climate. Literature is reviewed in this paper to set the stage for future research regarding climate change, specifically precipitation change, effects on sediment transport, with an emphasis on Michigan Rivers. © 2010 ASCE.

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World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2010: Challenges of Change - Proceedings of the World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2010