A microstructure-based approach for simulating viscoelastic behaviors of asphalt mixtures

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This study developed micromechanical finite element (FE) models for simulating the viscoelastic behavior of asphalt mixtures. The two-dimensional (2D) microstructure of asphalt mixtures was captured by optically scanning the surface image of sectioned specimens. FE mesh of image samples was generated within each aggregate and asphalt mastic. Along the aggregate boundary, the FEs share the nodes to connect the deformation. The micromechanical FE model was accomplished by incorporating specimen microstructure and ingredient properties (viscoelastic asphalt mastic and elastic aggregates). The generalized Maxwell model was applied for viscoelastic asphalt mastic with calibrated parameters from nonlinear regression analysis of the mastic test data on dynamic modulus and phase angle. The displacement-based FE simulations were conducted on the digital sample under sinusoidal cyclic loadings. The predicted dynamic modulus and phase angle were compared favorably with the mixture test data over a frequency range. The simulation results of the asphalt mixture samples have good correlations with the numerical calibration of asphalt mastic specimens. These results indicate that the developed micromechanical FE model can provide a computational tool for predicting the global viscoelastic properties of asphalt mixtures with captured microstructure and ingredient properties. © 2010 ASCE.

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Geotechnical Special Publication