Determining burger's model parameters of asphalt materials using creep-recovery testing data

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this paper proposes a method for determining Burger's model parameters using creep-recovery data. With the determined Burger's model parameters, the viscoelastic behaviors of an asphalt binder (PG64-28) and its two mastics (a binder PG64-28 blended with mineral fines passing the ASTM 100# sieve and 200# sieve, respectively) are investigated. The total deformation of the mastics was separated into three parts: the instantaneous elasticity, delayed elasticity, and viscous flow. The ratios of the viscous flow to the elasticity were calculated and analyzed. It was found the proposed method is promising where the average errors of the creep section are 3.53%, 5.28% and 8.02% for the three materials, and the errors in the recovery section are 0.69%, 1.286% and 1.80%, respectively. Copyright ASCE 2008.

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Proceedings of the Symposium on Pavement Mechanics and Materials at the Inaugural International Conference of the Engineering Mechanics Institute - Pavements and Materials 2008: Modeling, Testing, and