Speed up discrete element simulation of asphalt mixtures with user-written C++ codes

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Compared with an embedded programming language "FISH" within the Particle Flow Code (PFC), the user-written C++ code is an optional feature in the PFC. This optional feature is an advanced application and can improve simulation speeds. In this paper, the user-written C++ codes for two and three dimensional models were developed. The discrete element simulation of asphalt mixtures were conducted with user-written C++ codes along with FISH programs. The simulation results from the two methods were compared. It was found that the user-written C++ program can speed up discrete element simulation, where the speed ratios (C++/FISH) are from 2.34 to 4.95 and the averaged value is 3.74. © 2008 ASCE.

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Airfield and Highway Pavements: Efficient Pavements Supporting Transportation's Future - Proceedings of the 2008 Airfield and Highway Pavements Conference