The dynamic modulus of asphalt mixture with bottom ash aggregates

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The objective of this paper is to study the mechanical properties of asphalt mixture using an aggregate of bottom ash. When bottom ash is used as asphalt pavement material, it will decrease the aggregate cost and also reduces the dumping of bottom ash in landfills. Most states reported that the performance of fly ash as a filler material was fair to good, while Michigan and Nebraska reported fly ash had a poor performance. However, bottom ash (with the sieve size up to #4) in asphalt mixtures has not been evaluated to replace other aggregates. In this study, bottom ash was introduced to replace a portion of the aggregates. The asphalt mixture using bottom ash used more asphalt content. In the asphalt mixture tests, the Superpave gyratory compacted samples were prepared and the specific gravity (bulk and rice) and air void were measured. In addition, the dynamic modulus was conducted to evaluate the mixture performance. Through the dynamic modulus test, the replacement of bottom ash in the asphalt mixture has shown a lower dynamic modulus compared to the control mixture. Copyright ASCE 2008.

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Geotechnical Special Publication