Resilient modulus and dynamic modulus of warm mix asphalt

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Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) is produced at temperatures in the range of 30°F to 100°F (17°C to 56°C) lower than the traditional hot mix asphalt (HMA). It has a number of benefits including reducing energy consumption, emissions from burning fuels, and volatiles generated from the heated asphalt binder at the production plant at the paving site. Several technologies used in WMA are available today, such as synthetic zeolite (Aspha-min®), Sasobit®, Evotherm®, and WAM-Foam®. In this paper, the results of a laboratory evaluation of WMA made with synthetic zeolite were discussed. A control HMA mixture, WMA with 0.3% synthetic zeolite, and WMA with 0.5% synthetic zeolite were used in the test. Based on the tests conducted, it was found that the WMA mixture made with synthetic zeolite had a higher resilient modulus. For dynamic modulus test, WMA with 0.5% synthetic zeolite have a higher dynamic modulus. In addition, dynamic modulus for WMA compacted at 120°C was significantly higher than the WMA compacted at 100°C. Copyright ASCE 2008.

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Geotechnical Special Publication