Micromechanical finite element models for micro-damage and complex constitutive behavior of asphalt mixes

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This paper presents a comprehensive review of recently developed micromechanical modeling approaches for asphalt mixture in pavement engineering by the authors. These approaches include the Micro-Frame Finite Element Network Model (FENM) and microstructure-based Continuum Finite Element Model (CFEM) for predicting micro-damage behavior and constitutive properties of asphalt mixtures. Both models consider the multi-phase and heterogeneous microstructure and aggregate-to-aggregate interaction of asphalt mixture. Both finite element modeling schemes and their advanced features were described and addressed. Based on these developed models, the virtual laboratory simulation was conducted to compare with the laboratory specimen test results. Simulation samples were generated from surface photographic data of actual laboratory specimens by using image processing. Model simulation results of the overall sample behavior and evolving micro-damage patterns compared favorably with experimental data collected on the test specimens. © 2008 ASCE.

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Proceedings of the 7th International Conference of Chinese Transportation Professionals Congress 2007: Plan, Build, and Manage Transportation Infrastructures in China