Clay permeability changes - Flexible wall permeameter & environmental scanning electron microscope

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Clays and their composites have been widely used in the past for secondary containment walls for underground storage tanks and landfills. These materials, also called liners, are an inexpensive method of preventing seepage of chemicals into the groundwater from underground storage tanks and landfills. In this study the behavior of clay liners is examined on a microscopic level. The clay fabric changes observed in the images from an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope will be compared to the permeability changes in clay under similar conditions. The permeability changes will be recorded using a Flexible Wall Permeameter. The presented observations will have important ramifications for clay modification to reduce seepage of chemicals through the clay liner. The experiments are being planned currently and results will be presented at the conference. Copyright ASCE 2005.

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World Water Congress 2005: Impacts of Global Climate Change - Proceedings of the 2005 World Water and Environmental Resources Congress