Flood frequency analysis in the United States: Time to update

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A new upper bound failure mechanism for the problem of rigid cylinder motion is presented. The velocity field associated with the mechanism is derived from a known elastic solution by similitude of the deformation field. The obtained upper bound value is 21% higher than the exact solution. However, the failure mechanism is continuous, involving no discontinuity, not even on the cylinder perimeter. The solution has a certain advantage if one, for example, wishes to combine its mechanism with a strain path approach to investigate the T-bar penetration problem. The absence of discontinuities in the mechanism also allows evolution of deformation under serviceability conditions, by associating a mobilized strength as a function of an average strain. Based on this approach, a load transfer function for lateral loading of piles in an undrained clay is suggested. This load transfer function involves nonlinear scaling of a stress-strain curve obtained from a triaxial compression test. An analytical, closed form, solution is given for the case of a hyperbolic stress-strain curve. © 2008 ASCE.

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Journal of Hydrologic Engineering