Achieving higher uplink performance and capacity via non-overlapping window adaptive maximum noise fraction beamforming technique

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This study introduces a practical use of maximum noise fraction (MNF) in beamforming antennas that enhances users' uplink performance and capacity in cellular systems. The study introduces a non-overlapping window adaptive MNF technique. In addition, it mathematically analyses the proposed method. Moreover, the performance benefits created via MNF technique in uplink scenarios is also studied. A multi-carrier wideband code division multiple access (MC-WCDMA) system is used as a toy example to represent the benefits created by the proposed technique when it is used as a beamformer. The performance of the proposed technique for uplink MC-WCDMA is mathematically analysed. Simulations are conducted to study the performance and the capacity of the proposed method. The effect of the noise covariance matrix estimation that is vital for the operation of MNF systems on the performance is investigated. © 2011 The Institution of Engineering and Technology.

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IET Communications