Spin-dependent electron transport in C and Ge doped BN monolayers

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© 2017 the Owner Societies. Recent advances in the synthesis and characterization of h-BN monolayers offer opportunities to tailor their electronic properties via aliovalent substitutions in the lattice. In this paper, we consider a h-BN monolayer doped with C or Ge, and find that dopants modify the Fermi level of the pristine monolayer. Three-fold coordinated dopants relax to the convex-shaped structures, while four-fold coordinated ones retain the planar structures. These modifications, in turn, lead to unique features in the electron transport characteristics including significant enhancement of current at the dopant site, diode-like asymmetric current-voltage response, and spin-dependent current. We find that the spin-polarized transport properties of the doped BN monolayers could be used for the next-generation devices at the nanoscale.

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Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics