Modulation of band gap by an applied electric field in silicene-based hetero-bilayers

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© 2015 the Owner Societies. Electronic properties of the hetero-structures consisting of silicene, graphene and BN monolayers under the influence of an electric field were investigated using density functional theory. With no electric field, both silicene/graphene and silicene/BN were shown to have a finite gap of about ∼50 meV, though silicene is a zero-gap two-dimensional material. Application of the field perpendicular to the bilayer system was found to facilitate modulation of the band gap, exhibiting an approximately linear relationship with the gap energy, in contrast to what was seen for the constituent monolayers. Also, the degree of the modulation was mainly determined by the Si-p < inf> z electronic states at the interface of the silicene/graphene and silicene/BN bilayers.

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Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics