Mentoring students in research and communication across the ocean

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Department of Chemical Engineering


Today’s global health challenges will be met more effectively by researchers who can collaborate across disciplines and national borders, and who can communicate their research effectively, both within research communities and to the general public. The complexity of global health issues and their multifaceted dimensions have made interdisciplinary team-based research a well-established, if not essential, approach to addressing these problems (Stokols, Hall, Taylor, & Moser, 2008). It is also now commonplace within research communities and funding agencies to seek the diverse expertise of global research teams to meet what an international challenge is by definition (Stephen & Daibes, 2010). The need for strong communication is especially important to researchers who are sharing information across their respective fields and nationalities, and who recognize that public understanding of their science will play a vital role in the transmission of key concepts and in garnering support for research initiatives and public policy (Nisbet & Scheufele, 2009; Wu, 2017).

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PURM Perspectives on Undergraduate Research & Mentoring