Lysosomal Targeting with Stable and Sensitive Fluorescent Probes (Superior LysoProbes): Applications for Lysosome Labeling and Tracking during Apoptosis

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© 2015, Nature Publishing Group. All rights reserved. Intracellular pH plays an important role in the response to cancer invasion. We have designed and synthesized a series of new fluorescent probes (Superior LysoProbes) with the capacity to label acidic organelles and monitor lysosomal pH. Unlike commercially available fluorescent dyes, Superior LysoProbes are lysosome-specific and are highly stable. The use of Superior LysoProbes facilitates the direct visualization of the lysosomal response to lobaplatin elicited in human chloangiocarcinoma (CCA) RBE cells, using confocal laser scanning microscopy. Additionally, we have characterized the role of lysosomes in autophagy, the correlation between lysosome function and microtubule strength, and the alteration of lysosomal morphology during apoptosis. Our findings indicate that Superior LysoProbes offer numerous advantages over previous reagents to examine the intracellular activities of lysosomes.

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Scientific Reports