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Department of Computer Science; Center for Cybersecurity


Ensuring confidentiality of sensitive data is of paramount importance, since data leakage may not only endanger dataowners’ privacy, but also ruin reputation of businesses as well as violate various regulations like HIPPA andSarbanes-Oxley Act. To provide confidentiality guarantee, the data should be protected when they are preserved inthe personal computing devices (i.e.,confidentiality duringtheirlifetime); and also, they should be rendered irrecoverableafter they are removed from the devices (i.e.,confidentiality after their lifetime). Encryption and secure deletion are usedto ensure data confidentiality during and after their lifetime, respectively.This work aims to perform a thorough literature review on the techniques being used to protect confidentiality of thedata in personal computing devices, including both encryption and secure deletion. Especially for encryption, wemainly focus on the novel plausibly deniable encryption (PDE), which can ensure data confidentiality against both acoercive (i.e., the attacker can coerce the data owner for the decryption key) and a non-coercive attacker.

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