Linking volcanic tremor, degassing, and eruption dynamics via SO < inf> 2 imaging

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Recently developed UV cameras offer improvement in remote sensing of volcanic SO2, with temporal resolutions of ∼1 Hz and synoptic plume views. Integrated UV camera and seismic measurements recorded in January 2009 at Fuego volcano, Guatemala, provide new insight into the system's shallow conduit processes. High temporal resolution SO2 data reveal patterns of SO2 emission rate relative to explosions and seismic tremor that indicate tremor and degassing share a common source process. Progressive decreases in emission rate appear to represent inhibition of gas loss from magma as a result of rheological stiffening in the upper conduit. Measurements of emission rate from two closely-spaced vents, made possible by the high spatial resolution of the camera (1024 × 1024 pixels), help constrain this model. This inter-disciplinary approach illuminates eruptive processes at Fuego and holds promise for gaining similar understanding at other volcanic systems. Copyright © 2011 by the American Geophysical Union.

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Geophysical Research Letters