Dissection of a composite volcanic earthquake at Santiaguito, Guatemala

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Volcano earthquake sources associated with eruptions at Santiaguito volcano in Guatemala are complex. Rock fracture, fluid now, and gas expansion occur at variable time scales and induce superposed ground motions, including both static and dynamic deformation, and atmospheric pressure disturbances. Dissection of this composite event is facilitated through extra-seismic observations, such as infrasound, geodetic, and visual monitoring. Multi-parametric investigation of an eruptive event on Jan. 4th 2009 reveals increased degassing, apparent as both geodetic tilt and harmonic seismoinfrasonic tremor, preceding an explosive event. The explosive event itself entails surface dome uplift, multiple eruptive pulses, and subsequent re-equilibration of the volcanic edifice manifested in derived tilt. We report here on an integrated approach to discerning the physical processes at the actively effusing and exploding Santiaguito volcano and describe the composite earthquake that ' occurs here. Copyright 2009 by the American Geophysical Union.

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Geophysical Research Letters