Damage zone interaction due to non-oriented Vickers indentations on brittle materials

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Induced damage in brittle materials due to two interacting Vickers indentations at various orientations was investigated using a three-dimensional finite element model. The model considers 'tensile cracking and compressive yielding' behavior of ceramics. Damage evolution due to both the simultaneous and sequential double indentations was studied. The simulation results indicated that the induced damage zone patterns are strongly a function of the relative orientation of the two indenters. The existence of another nearby indentation reduces the crack size on the side closer to the first indentation but increases the overall median damage zone size. These results were validated by sequential Vickers indentation experiments on borosilicate glass. The evolved damage patterns were further rationalized based on Bousinesq and blister field stress fields. Finally, the implication of these results on material removal mechanisms due to simultaneous interaction of several grits in a ceramic grinding process is discussed.

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Journal of Materials Science