Densification process of TiC < inf> x -Ni composites formed by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis reaction

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Densification behaviour of the TiC-Ni system formed by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) were studied to develop the structural metal-matrix composites. The composites were prepared by two routes: (1) consolidation during the SHS reaction, and (2) consolidation process after the SHS reaction. The final phases of the stoichiometric reactant mixture of titanium and graphite with 50 wt% nickel produced by simultaneous combustion reactions, were titanium carbide in a nickel-rich solid solution containing carbon and titanium. The density of the products was relatively low, with a value of 90% theoretical density. In the second approach, liquid infiltration and liquid-phase sintering were applied for the titanium carbide-nickel mixture. Densification rates were reduced due to the excess carbon in the combustion products of titanium carbide. The densities of the liquid-phase sintered samples were more than 97% theoretical density.

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Journal of Materials Science