Search for spatial structures at scales Z ∼ 1. III. The effect of lensing on QSO?

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We carried out a search for peak inhomogeneities in the distribution of matter - namely clumps and voids, within the range Z ∼ 1-3. We used a new method, based on the lensing of quasars by a combination of lenses, belonging to the above sought inhomogeneities in the matter distribution. This work confirms the evidence of the existence of inhomogeneities found by us earlier - of a clump (superattractor N.1), and of a void (supervoid). Besides, the existence of a new gigantic clump (superattractor N.2) was also discovered at Z ∼ 3. These clumps could well serve as centers of the Bose-condensation in the early Universe; in particular - as Anselm's arion condensate, which leads to the formation of quasiperiodic structures with a period p ∼ 100 - 200 Mpc.

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Astrophysics and Space Science