Thermal decomposition of sodium trans-hyponitrite

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Samples of amorphous sodium trans-hyponitrite (Na2N2O2), heated with a continuous rise in temperature in the absence of oxygen, decompose suddenly between 360 and 390°C. The decomposition products are Na2O and N2O, along with secondary reaction products derived from N2O. When Na2N2O2 is heated in an O2-containing atmosphere, the decomposition temperatures are lowered due to the slow oxidation of N2O22- to NO2- and of NO2- to NO3-, which accumulate and increase the decomposition rate. At P(O2) = 754 Torr, the isothermal induction period for Na2N2O2 between 275 and 315°C is given approximately by log (t(min)) = -14.8 ± 0.3 + (41090 ± 600 cal)/2.3RT. At 298 ± 2°C, the induction period of Na2N2O2 depends inversely on oxygen pressure (100-745 Torr), with a purified sample showing t(min) = 4.83 + 4902/P°(O2, Torr). © 1989 American Chemical Society.

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Journal of Physical Chemistry