Process design decision support system for developing process chemistry

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We present a methodology and computer-based process design decision support system (PDDSS) that critiques laboratory-scale process chemistry based on an engineering analysis of a process topology developed from what is currently known about the process chemistry. The process topology is a functionally generated 'flow sheet' for a feasible process comprised of a generic equipment configuration. Equipment in the topology consists of models and knowledge that allow for early analysis of cost, environmental, regulatory, and safety issues that may become important as the project moves from experimental process research to engineering design. By coupling experimental chemistry development with interactive, engineering-based evaluation, PDDSS can accelerate the overall development process and enables the underlying chemistry to better meet financial and processing goals. PDDSS is unique in its approach by integrating downstream engineering considerations with laboratory-scale chemical synthesis. This paper discusses the knowledge framework and operation of PDDSS using a case study.

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Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research