Hydrogen storage in LiNH < inf> 2 /Li < inf> 3 N material for H < inf> 2 /CO < inf> 2 mixture gas as hydrogen source

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Our previous work showed that the preaddition of LiNH2 into Li3N increases the reversible hydrogen capacity up to about 6.8 wt % H2. Herein, we report that the H2/CO2 gas mixture can be directly used as hydrogen source for hydrogen storage in LiNH2/Li3N. Furthermore, it was found that 20% CO 2 in H2 did not affect the high hydrogen capacity and the fast adsorption kinetics of LiNH2/Li3N. This material provides an opportunity to eliminate a preseparation step before hydrogen storage, which can greatly reduce the hydrogen storage cost. © 2008 American Chemical Society.

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Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research