Simulation and Control of an Industrial Calciner

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Rotary calciners, when employed in chemical ore refining and manufacturing processes, are responsible for the conversion of the raw materials into crude products. This paper presents a mathematical model of an industrial calciner used for the endothermic decomposition of sodium sesquicarbonate (trona ore) into crude soda ash. The calciner is equipped with lifters to enhance the contact efficiency of solids with the hot gas stream. The model-simulated dynamic response of the calciner in unreacted sodium sesquicarbonate content, to the step and sinusoidal disturbances, also agrees qualitatively with the observed system behavior. A PID feedback control scheme for the calciner is presented. The quality of control accomplished is severely limited by the large dead time inherent to the process. The phase plane analysis for a sinusoidal disturbance (period = 2td) reveals that the closed-loop system slowly approaches a limit cycle. © 1990, American Chemical Society. All rights reserved.

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Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research