Computer Simulation of an Industrial Calciner with an Improved Control Scheme

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Raw sodium carbonate (soda ash) is produced by calcining natural trona ore (sodium sesquicarbonate). The calcination process is carried out in rotary calciners, where a typical retention time of the solid particles is 20-25 min. On the other hand, the hot combustion gas has a much shorter retention time. A problem is encountered with the degree of calcination, overcalcination, or undercalcination, when the throughput varies from a design rate. This can be avoided if the product temperature is substituted as the controlled variable. The computer simulation of the calciner confirms these problems, which were encountered in the industry. A better way to control the product quality is presented using a combined feedback control scheme: calciner off-gas temperature control modified with the product temperature control. © 1991, American Chemical Society. All rights reserved.

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Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research